Our candle collections tell your unique story and reflect your magnificent individuality.

MystiqueNYC's Human Design Candle Collections are "Scents for the Soul". Each one is carefully and lovingly designed to uplift and enhance the spirit, promoting self-awareness and spiritual wholeness. May you be reminded each time you light one, you are perfect exactly as you are designed. Be you.

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Are you living your design?

Scents for the Soul - Human Design created by Mystique NYC 

Our candles are customized for the uniqueness of self which makes a gift card the perfect way to share!

Choose your amount or select a pre-set amount, whichever makes "scents" to you...

All gift card purchases are delivered electronically.  There is no physical card, but don't stress - these gift cards can be "scent" to anyone with an email address :o)

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Are you new to Human Design charts?

If you are intrigued by these beautiful candle collections, but are new to Human Design, head over to www.geneticmatrix.com and get your free personal chart. You will learn about your specific Type, Authority, Strategy, Environment, Profile and much more. Experiment with the information, and enjoy discovering. We love it (actually, we're obsessed), and think you may, too!

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